Thursday, January 7, 2010

Heavy Rain (PS3) Summary


Yes, this is the sentence in the poster of Heavy Rain.
Save from what? Origami Killer. You heard it right ORIGAMI KILLER.

Why origami? This is because whenever a victim is killed, the serial killer will leave an origami on the victim's hand(as you see in the poster).

The game is all about finding out who is the killer.
Four characters are destined to be involved in this investigation.
A FBI profiler named Norman Jayden
A retired private detective named Scott Shelby
An architect named Ethan Mars
A journalist named Madison Paige.
All these are said to be looking for the serial killer.

All four characters have their own different background and story.
This is like no other, not shooting, racing or solving puzzle game.
It's about decision making, action and consequences. The way you act and how your action can change the way the story told. Sounds interesting? You should.....
By the way, it a real-time game.
Let's talk about the controller, they are making some change to the traditional way.
To walk, you no longer use left analogue stick, but R2 to walk forward only.
To move the head for looking to the side use left analogue stick. (Camera view)
You can keep walking while turning left and right, by holding R2 and turning with left analogue stick.
The movement of the character based on how you press or move your controller. For example:
Turning the left analogue fast will make the person turn fast.
If you press a button slowly as pulling trigger, the person in the game will also pull his trigger slowly. The person will left off the trigger if you do so for your button.

Camera switching with L1.
You can see what's the character thinking at real-time with L2. The keywords of his thinking/feeling will surround the character. If the word is chosen, you can listen in his thinking/feeling.
If the words circle the person slowly and clearly seen, it mean the person is calm and think straightly.
But, if the words are overlapping, shaking, blurring or move fast, it means the character is having a hard time to think straight, perhaps the character is afraid, confused, stressed or panic.

In the game, anything can happen, if you make a mistake or bad decision, your character may be kill. BUT, your character get kill DOESN'T mean it's GAME OVER. It's good news!!!
On the other the bad news is, the story will move on without the character and the story line will change with only 3 characters left.
What if all are dead? Sorry, this time is really game over without solving the case.

There are a couple of climax scenes for each character where they are being chased or getting crush by machine. At that point, you will see a bunch of controller icon all over the screen, which let you choose "What should I do now to get save or alive".

Ok, that's all for today. Let the videos speak the rest.

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