Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ichigo Mashimaro Encore (Part 2)

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What's the different between buddies and friends?
"Are we buddies or friends?" ask by Matsuoka Miu.

In this second and last episode, Miu is making trouble again.
Mimicking Chika and took one photo.

When Ana and Matsuri visit Chika's house, Matsuri is caught by Miu. She threaten(writing the god on Matsuri's forehead) Ana by ask her to take some nostril hairs out and put them on her own eyelashes and said "Glamourous!! My eyelashes are so glamourous....." LOL

At the same moment, Nobue text her friend what is she to her friend because asked about "buddies" and "friends"

When going to Chika's room. "Kidnapping" is seen by Nobue and she "kidnap" Ana and threaten(by kissing Ana) Miu to release Matsuri.

Nobue ask Miu is she to Miu and the rest, the answer is:
Putting buddies and friends aside, you are more like BOSS.
Right after this, her friend reply her text with:
"Let me see, BOSS maybe?"

Part 2 of the episode, is all about everyone go to junior high school.

Miu take out a coin and say "Namu~ Namu~ Seifuku~ Seifuku~"
She seen through the time into future....2 years later.
She sees:
Herself is the "Hero" and Chika always stick to her and rely on her.

Matsuri for some reason still stick to 6th grade(standard 6).

Ana become gangster look with nickname, Ana Coppola Black Custom. (Cool~) But still can't pronounce "Ginger Ale"

Satake grown become tiger and left, Miu a new dog who is Nobue.

The fortune teller of Miu ends up like......

At the beginning, Nobue is trying to stop smoking. Chika look down on her and make a deal.
If Nobue can stand for 3 days without smoking, Chika will let Nobue to take the bath first.
If Nobue fails, she has to bring Chika to the beach.
Well, anyone can guess. At the end, Nobue brings all of them to the beach.

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