Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's about Axis Powers Hetalia???

What's anime Axis Powers Hetalia all about??
As previously said, all about World history and comedy.
What? You don't like to watch war anime about fighting and fighting?
No worries!! No wars are appear in anime at all!!!

This is another special part, as you can see the earth picture in previous post, there are a bunch of chibi(small) characters right?
They are all countries.....(I beg your pardon?/ Excuse me?/ Huh??/ What?)
Yep, their name is the name of country based on their characteristic, appearance and clothing.
In the anime, you'll see they call each other in ocuntry name.

Hey Germany please help me(Italia), I am caught by England.
Germany~please help me, while i wanted to flirt with a long hair lady, when she turn around, HE is France.

So, get it?
So you see 2 person(countries) become friend, in actual it means become allies in war. (Germany, Italia and Japan - The Axis)
If you see there are brother and sister among themselves, meaning, their are neighborhood countries that take care for each other. (Liechtenstein and Switzerland)

The Benefits:
You learn tonnes of knowledge in this anime. Let's say:
Italia is kinda weak, when they see other soldier, they will beg for lives and tell the soldier he has relatives in the soldier's country.
Italy consist of Northern (Italy Veneciano) and Southern (Italy Romano)
The Tripartite Pact Signed in September 1940. (Germany, Japan and Italia)
Italia Wars started in 1522 to 1544 and caused a lot of bloodshed.
Franz Joseph I is a stingy Austrian Emperor, his appearance looks like homeless man as he treasure his clothes no matter how bad they look.
Germans eat potatoes by smashing them but French eat them in small pieces.
Russian is good in cursing. After Russia and Japan short war, Japan is cursed by Russian orthodox church and 18 years later Japan is struck by Great Kanto earthquake.

Ok! That's all for this post, I may share some pictures in the next post about the anime to make it clearer.

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