Sunday, June 7, 2015

Penang Anime Matsuri (ペナン●アニメ●祭り) 2015 - The Preparation (Part 1)

Penang Anime Matsuri (ペナン●アニメ●祭り) aka PAM is held for the first time right in my hometown, Penang~!!! Sweet~!!

The theme for this first year is........

Summer Party~!!

Talking about summer, you will definitely think of sea, beach, opened space and so, the chosen avenue for this year was.....

No where else other than here, Esplanade

There is an enormous field which is quite suitable for holding a big event, for example, Bon Odori.
Bon Odori is taking place right here every year.

Talking about summer, where's the sea??

There you have it, right opposite the field.

It's straight opposite the back of the stage...

All pictures here are taken the day before PAM as I went there for tickets.

Let's take a look what is going the day before....(well, actually not much)

Did I forget to mention?
Actually there are two avenues taking place during the two-day-matsuri:
1. Indoor - In Dewan Seri Pinang (all booths setting up there) 9a.m. - 7p.m.
2. Outdoor - Esplanade (Concert going on) 5p.m. - 11p.m.

First, let's check out the preparation indoor ^.^
The Entrance

"Selamat Datang" means Welcome in Malay

Well, it's less people than I expected.... Way~~~~~ less

Ticketing Booth
Loading goods into the auditorium~~
Actually, is loading our LOOTS~~~!! LOL 

From here, you can see the path through to the field where the outdoor concert taking place in the evening.

View from outside (The side of Dewan Seri Penang)
Let's check out the inside of the auditorium (Dewan Seri Pinang), shall we?

There are two stories in this auditorium, both are occupied with booths selling merchandises.

While meeting guests, anime movies screening and cosplay competition are held in the hall on the first floor.

Well, see that? This is the advantage of taking pictures a day before, no one will ever block your view. To be honest, I'm surprise that I'm allowed get in the first place.

All Miku merchandises here are sold in Narita Airport, Japan as well

Some are draw-able

But, the blade inside is made of wood

Okay, that's it for now, I'll be continuing on the next day, hopefully.
Be ready guys!! As there will be a couple more posts regarding Penang Anime Matsuri, make sure coming back more often.

Want to know more about PAM, you can check out here.

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