Saturday, January 2, 2010

K-On Concert.....

After watching K-On 1st Season, I do feel that it's quite a good anime, quite moe. LOL
All about music band and school life, sometime it's quite soothing "peaceful" that make you a good night sleep........ (it'a that only me or my imagination??)

What I like the most are their songs played along the anime, here are the songs:
OP Cagayake Girls
ED Don't Say Lazy
Fuwa Fuwa Time
My love is Stapler ( I know, sound funny) -_-

For those who never watch before, here's the summary:
The story revolves around 4 (then 5) Japanese High School Girl joined their school's light music club to try to save it from abolished. It begins with a student Hirasawa Yui, with no guitar skill or reading music score, join the light music club. Slowly, the club (4 people) help her by doing part-time to buy a guitar and help her to read score. Eventually she then become an excellent guitarist.
They practice and perform in school festival annually. Their aim is to hold a concert in Budoukan(A famous stage where all great singer hold their concert there).

Guess what?? On the 30th December 2009, they just held a concert, as in real person by their seiyuu (voice actress). The concert is known as "Let's Go K-On Live", I think it's kinda awesome.

Expect the released of DVD in future......

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