Saturday, December 11, 2010

When Mikus meet each other~

You may have seen cosplayers in Miku, separately. But have you seen ALL cosplayers in Mikus? Check this out:
These cosplays are based on Project Diva and Project Diva 2nd.
The cosplayers are:
Default Costume by Momoiro Reku
Space Channel 39 (Project Diva) by Aira
Aile D’ange (Project Diva 2nd) by Sakuragi Mui
Pink Pops (Project Diva 2nd) by Mai
Saihate Miku (Project Diva 2nd) by Hirano Kurita
White Dress (Project Diva) by Hayase Ami
Jersey (Project Diva 2nd) by Uri
Miku Hood (Project Diva 2nd) by Suu
Spacy Nurse (Project Diva 2nd) by Taku11
Punk (Project Diva) by Aida Yukiko
School (Project Diva) by Mogu
Miku Butterfly (Project Diva) by Kirihara Mizui
Heart Hunter (Project Diva) by Kousaka Yun
Stroll Style (Project Diva) by Aoki


  1. where did you get aida yukiko's cosplay i really want it ToT

  2. Hello hikari,
    I got these from sankakucomplex.