Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Miscellaneous

Here are other anime related figures, nendroids and so on that I don't know their "home"....
Have fun!!
Sega arcade machine model in mini ver.

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Others

Here are other anime's figures, nendroids and anime related items...

Anime Lucky Star and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱) nendroids

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Mecha

Here's are tonnes of cartoon, anime and all normal plastic models.

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Transfomer Animation

Honestly, I'm not the fan of Transformer "Animation".

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - To Heart 2

Kousaka Tomaki (向坂 環)

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Neon Genesis Evangelion

It's an old anime and I never watched before, kinda well-known though.....

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Toradora (とらどら!)

This is a romantic comedy anime, Toradora!

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Strike Witches

I never watch this anime before, is it nice? or not?
Share with me if you watched before.

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Persona 3

Persona 3 is a PS2 RPG game. It's a nice game based on what I played in Persona 4.

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Touhou Project (東方Project)

Touhou project(東方Project) is a group that produce a series of games. You can check on wikipedia.
Yuki (ユキ)

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Vocaloid

This is my favourite, Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) from Vocaloid.

What's Vocaloid?Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application developed by Yamaha Corporation that enables users synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and melody.

Wondr Festival 2010 (Winter) - Koihime Musou (恋姫無双) / Shin Koihime Musou (新恋姫無双)

The anime are based on ero games both Koihime Musou(恋姫無双) and Shin Koihime Musou (新恋姫無双). Just around the corner, there will be a second season of Shin Koihime Musou (新恋姫無双)

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Bakemonogatari (化物語)

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter at first a pv created by Supercell (band). Later an anime titled Black Rock Shooter will be released in spring 2010 based on the song "Black Rock Shooter".
The song is created by using vocaloid. Voice by Hatsune Miku.
Here's the video:

And here's the figures...

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - K-On! (けいおん!)

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Mickey Mouse & Michael Jackson

Let's get started, shall we?
Firstly, let's check out what GSC, Good Smile Company (dude!! not Golden Screen Cinema) come out this time:
The 100th nendoroid in nendoroid series.
Uh-huh, Mickey Mouse is their 100th nendoroid produced in the series.
Who can imagine that anime character production will produce Walt Disney's Mickey.

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - ワンダーフェスティバル 2010 (冬)

Soooo sorry to everyone who waited for so long. It's Chinese New Year and I'm so busy, so have to pause everything. Besides, I need a lot of time to prepare all the information and notes about each and every anime, characters and games that I've gone through before.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter)

On the 7th of February is Wonder Festival (in short, Wonfes) (ワンフェス wanfesu) which is an annual event. It's a grand event that everyone can't miss it, like my blog (LOL, just kidding).
According to Danny Choo, this is the worlds biggest Garage Kit and Figure convention.

This year is held at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo. It's the first time taken place there as Tokyo Big Sight is traditionally the place of Wonfes, but.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is 桜高校(Sakura High School) from けいおん!!(K-On!!) real?

Everyone who watch けいおん!! (K-On!!) sure know about the school they all study in.
Yep, it's call 桜高校(Sakura High School).
You sure have known how the corridor, staircase, building, even the old statue and the most important, their music room looks like... Especially the stage...
What if, all you saw in the anime is real?
I'm not joking, all are in actual world. In 滋賀県 (Shiga Prefecture), there is a 73-year-old school called 豊郷小学校 (Toyosato Elementary School).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's just declaration of wars...

Scar and his group are now in a deserted house in Asbec (I supposed)...
Winry is waiting for Al to regain conscious while the others are trying to find out the hidden message in the book.
This usually happen because Alchemists often hide their research using trope and hidden meanings to prevent ordinary people from deciphering it. (Same like the "recipe book" written by Dr.Marcoh)
Unfortunately, nothing come up.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Elric Brothers are in bad trouble...

Edward is together with Major Miles who is thinking of eliminating team Kimbley.
But Edward objects about this idea as he may get something out of them.

"Don't forget the law of Briggs. If you let tour guard down, you die. Your softness may come back to kill you or one of your friends one day." - Major Miles

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

K-On Season 2

Here's the latest news of K-on Season 2.....

As you can see above, K-On Season 2 will be air in April.
For K-On fans: man... that's long....... 2 months left.
Be patient everyone, patient bring profit... LOL
Stay Tuned...