Sunday, January 23, 2011

最新作 劇場版 名探偵コナン-沈默の15分(クオーター)

In year 2011, 劇場版名探偵コナン(Detective Conan the Movie) 15th is coming soon~!!!
Detective Conan The Movie 15 - Quarter Of Silence

 CCQ - Conan Cinema Quiz

As always, there is a thrilling and exciting trailer. This time the story is about a mysterious threatening letter being sent to the Tokyo's governor: A bomb is planted somewhere(the tunnel I guess or underground railway)

"Mysterious threatening letter"
"The tragedy 8 years ago is awaken"
"Within a snowy field, moving in crazy"
 These are the phrases in the trailer...

And the last sentence said by 毛利蘭(Mouri Ran):
If you are nearby, save me... SAVE ME~!!"
Here's the trailer:

No matter which year's of movie trailer, always give me goosebumps...

Can 江戸川コナン(Edogawa Conan) a.k.a. 工藤新一(Kudou Shinichi) be able to make it?
What is going to happen within the last 15 minutes(A quarter hour)?
Can the bomb be diffused? 
What will happen to Ran?

Just wait until 2011.4.16 to watch the whole movie~!!
Here's the official website.

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