Friday, January 22, 2010

Ichigo Mashimaro Encore (Part 1)

This time, I'm going to talk about Ichigo Mashimaro.
Last year, I suppose, Ichigo Mashimaro had another new OVA called: Ichigo Mashimaro Encore.
Encore~! Yep, it consists of 2 episodes.

First episode is Konnichiwa, my favourite part is Miu suddenly said: "I wanna be an idol" and she then do a back flip in Chika's room and then......

What??!! She's dead? Seems like she is dead by back flipping. LOL

In hell, Miu's punishment is to make Harisen without any feeback. (It's like making joke with no one laughing).Kinda cruel huh?

Here's are the jokes
1.Katamen!!(Hard Noodel)
2.Machiawase(An appointment) (no idea)
3.Mic(Mike)+ Hanger = Mike Hanger
4.Naked Guy
6.Omatase(Sorry for waiting~...)
Finally, Sasaki-san (Chika)lose. Then, she is forced to eat green peppers. As a result nose get poke. LOL!!

The next day, they have a school free activity in a park. All four of them decided drawing. This what they draw....
Matsuoka Miu


Itou Chika

Ana Coppola

Here's the first episode, the next episode will be in next post. Stay tuned~~!!

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