Monday, January 11, 2010

Post of Appreciation To Moe

On 11 January of 2010(Monday), at around 12:15 a.m. while I'm watching 8TV Nite Live.......

"Kudo.............Kudo Shinichi!! How can I forget the the name....." was heard.
A few minutes later my blog is shown in the show. I'm very excited and totally speechless, feel like jumping through and off the roof ^o^.
Moe Nasrul from the show introduced and recognizes my blog. I really appreciate his effort for making this whole thing worked and shown in T.V.
"Yosha!!! Ureshi....." was and is in my mind......
Hope You(Moe) can see this and I would like to dedicate(never past tense is "forever" tense) this song(MV) to Moe Nasrul. One of my favourite song. Hope you like it...Enjoy~
No words can explain how excited, appreciate, happy I am.

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