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Recently there is a new anime that attracts my attention~
And the title is:
お兄ちゃんのことなんかぜんぜんすきじゃないんだからねっ!!(Onii chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne!!) a.k.a. Ochinko
I Don't Like My Brother At All!!

Man, the title is so long~ ^.^;;

The moment I heard this title, the first anime that came to my mind is:
俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない(Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai) a.k.a. OreImo
My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute

Here's my review,
I've watched 6 episodes and find it interesting:
  1. In both anime(Ochinko & OreImo), oniisan are troubled by imouto
  2. Oniisan is such a poor guy in both anime.... ^0^
  3. The genre is kinda similar to キス X シス(Kiss x Sis):
  • Ero, but not as much as Kiss x Sis *nose bleeding*
  • Harem, being surrounded by girls. *wiping saliva* 
  • Romantic Comedy
And these are the characters in the anime (introduce them along with the storyline):

高梨修輔(Takanashi Shuusuke) 声優:豊永 利行(Toyonaga Toshiyuki)
Takanashi Shuusuke, the eldest son of the Takanashi family. He has a younger sister, Takanashi Nao, but not blood-related. Still, he really cares about Nao.

Shuusuke is a 2nd year high schooler who loves to buy and collect ero materials so much: Ero mags, ero DVDs, ero pictures. He has certain preference which is スク水(sukumizu/ school swimsuit), ニーソ(ni-so/ knee-high socks), 縞パン(shimapan/ stripped pantsu). Hm....indeed, very healthy~!!
 He always get excited when he takes a glimpse at Nao's pantsu but he's frozen because that's his sister.
高梨奈緒(Takanashi Nao) 声優:喜多村 英梨(Kitamura Eri)
Takanashi Nao, younger sister of Shuusuke. She is adopted by Shuusuke's father after an accident and she lost her memory.
Nao is a pervert that always teases her brother by letting him looks at her pantsu as fan service. When Nao gets a chance, she sneaks into bathroom to take a smell of Shuusuke's clothes.
She even keeps a diary named “兄の性態観察日記”(My Brother's Sexual Interest Obeservation Diary)
She really likes to have a relationship with her brother and because she found out they are no blood-related, so she can go without any restrain like even marry him.

土浦彩葉(Tsuchiura Iroha) 声優:井上 麻里奈(Inoue Marina)
Tsuchiura Iroha, a long separated childhood friend of Shuusuke, joined Nao's class as a transfer student.
Iroha made a promise with Shuusuke ten years ago but she had to transfer due to her father's job. She has been waiting to reunite with Shuusuke and the day has come.
The promise is to become a lover. Ten years ago, due to Shuusuke's perversion, he had seen Iroha naked in a "playing doctor game". That's when she made the promise.
Now, Iroha is trying to get Shuusuke to her side and thus becoming Nao's rival~!! Roar~!!
Ever since Iroha returns, she lives in the highest floor of an appartment and she spies on Shuusuke in his room with a set up telescope.

近藤繭佳(Kondou Mayuka) 声優:荒浪 和沙(Aranami Kazusa)
Kondou Mayuka, Shuusuke's classmate who is the student council president too. During school, she is role model to all the students.

But the truth is, she is a BL(Boy's Love) magazines' hardcore~!! She often sneak out at night to buy some.
But one night Mayuka(disguised with a hood) and Shuusuke knock into each other and mistake with each other's magazines. Shuusuke tore the BL mags off with shock at home.
He is given a letter in the shoe locker by "Mister X" to exchange back their mag.
Before the transaction happen, Mayuka accidentally reveal herself and threaten Shuusuke to become her pet(by asking him to buy her BL mag at night) in order to save his ero mag.
Shuusuke is attracted to her black pantyhose. And so, Mayuka become the rival of Nao and Iroha.

楠原尋乃(Kusuhara Hirono) 声優:白石 涼子(Shiraishi Ryouko)
Kusuhara Hirono, Nao's friend and classmate.

Hirono loves drama so much that looks everything as dramatic as possible. That's why she love watching "drama" between Shuusuke, Nao and Iroha. She has some fashion sense and has a fairly impressive kappu

加藤春華(Katou Haruka) 声優:中村 絵里子(Nakamura Eriko)
Katou Haruka, another friend and classmate of Nao.

Haruka is pretty with her long black hair and she is the most normal out of all above but kinda clumsy. As fashionable as Hirono and impressive kappu like Hirono.

AGE探検隊(AGE Explorers)
AGE Explorers a.k.a. All Genres of Ero Explorers
This is a four men group: 岸川啓一郎(Kishikawa Keiichirou), 山代拓実(Yamashiro Takumi), 黒崎大吾(Kurozaki Daigo) and 高梨修輔(Takanashi Shuusuke)
The captain of this group is Keiichirou, they focus in finding all possible types of perverted fun.

高梨菜々香(Takanashi Nanaka) 声優:大原 さやか(Oohara Sayaka)
Takanashi Nanaka, mother of Shuusuke and Nao.
Nanaka is very strict with Shuusuke and afraid he will do something to Nao. On the other hand, she spoils her daughter all time.

高梨修司(Takanashi Shuuji) 声優:荻原 秀樹(Ogihara Hideki)
Takanashi Shuuji, father of Shuusuke and Nao.
He's a very best friend to Nao's father. Many year's ago, Nao and her parents went out by a car but a traffic accident happened and both her parents passed away.

So, what do you think? Interesting? 面白?^.~

And now, let's go on to my opinion about this anime...
First thing that I want to comment when I start watching is, the character is kinda skinny~!! 0.0(Yeah, I know every artist/ illustrator has different way of drawing). I notice especially the neck and the arms are very thin. I don't quite like them, feel like the whole body ratio kinda off.
Look at the comparison of the 3 characters.
1. Ochinko, Takanashi Shuusuke
2. OreImo, Kousaka Kyousuke
3. Kiss x Sis, Suminoe Keita
© ぢたま某・講談社/キスシス製作委員会

Well? What do you think?

Other than this, there is nothing else that I dislike.
Speaking of dislike, let's talk about what I like. Couple things that I like about this anime.

Firstly, the storyline is interesting, three girls surround Shuusuke with love that make his life so troubled, haha...
Besides, when a scenario happens, it always come out with hilarious incident OR a funny ending.

For example, in episode 4, Shuusuke is drown and two girls are fighting over who's going to give CPR.
It ends with one of the AGE explorers gives CPR to Shuusuke but Shuusuke who is fainted, dreaming of kissing a girl and wake up with a guy on his face....^0^~!!!

Another part that I laugh so much is in episode 2, when Iroha reunite with Shuusuke, Nao plays Beethoven Symphony No.5 [Destiny] with recorder.  
When Shuusuke gets back home hiding under his blanket, he plays Piano Sonata No.8 2nd movement [Sonata Patheque]

Opening and ending song can't be ignore in an anime, I like them as the two songs is very clean, simple and energetic.
I like the episode title too, white background with light purple sentence with contrast with purple (ani). It has a simple and cool mood.

Next I like their expressions, for example, angry, shock, sad, cry, confused, etc. They just look so cute and funny with these face... 

Lastly, the most crucial one is....
Fan Service to The Viewers~!!!

Before we end this, let's look at the promo video of

© 草野紅壱・双葉社 © お兄ちゃん観察隊 © King Records

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