Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prelude to K-On Season 2

I'm excited and nostalgia to talk about this SPECIAL EPISODE.
This episode can only be found in 7th BD together with episode 13 which released on 20th January 2010.

I'm so excited and enjoyed about all this.
It's hilarious and feel satisfied. (They are so cute....)
Here's the summary....

The story starts with Tainaka Ritsu is asked by her friend to invite the band (Keionbu) to join a live house on New Year Eve.

First time having a live show outside and a lot of mistakes and funny incident happens, as usual Akiyama Mio is "blow off" a couple times due to shyness on stage.
Ritsu's friend is called Maki, drummer of a band called Love Crisis that taking part in the live house as well.

This is the first time get to know about how live house works, get to know about dressing room, rehearsal, meeting, everything are totally new to them.

Hirasawa Yui get some tickets for her younger sister, Hirasawa Ui and her friend Suzuki Jun. Last but not least, Yui childhood friend, Manabe Nodoka. What's funny is Yui already has her own autograph which get ready to give Nodoka.

Oh yeah, Yamanaka Sawako too.

On New Year Eve, they meet with other bands and Yui come out the idea of creating their own logo. Yui ends up with this.....-_-'''

With the advise by Mugi that add a cup on it as their band is "After School Tea Time"
At the end, here's the final logo...

After they finish their show in live house, they gather in Yui's house waiting for the countdown to New Year.

The next day early in the morning, Yui wakes up everyone except Sawa-chan(lol) to watch the first sun rise of the new year.

I guess it's the new year of season 2!!!!
Don't miss it ^.^

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