Friday, May 4, 2012


Long time ago(well not that long), my relatives went to Thailand and brought back this glass.

From what I heard, this is used as a glass to fill up drinks for tourists (need to pay of course) and can be refilled. Tourists bring this back as..... souvenir?
Now I only know that Doraemon has skin issues without makeup..... =O=
Close-up for you to look exactly what it is made of....Clay?

The moment I saw this glass, I'm thinking: Hm.... Maybe I can colour it and become a 3D figure...
And so, I bought all needed material: Postercolour, brushes, pallet.....

My first worry would be: How to create the same blue by mixing and how much paint needed as most part is blue.
Second worry was can light colour be painted on a darker surface? Is primer coat needed?

You can see on above that I've tested couple times before painted it on....

Too bad that I get stuck into painting that I forgot to take any photos and this is the earliest photo I can take.
Luckily, this is the blue I'm looking for. But as you can see from the hat, the primer coat is very hard to stay on it because the water seeps into the container and leave those uneven white paint.
The solution is, thicker paint. The same goes to all colours.
The side

The back

Here's the whole process:
At first, I painted the whole glass with thin white paint, which didn't work out quite well but the primer coat will help at least a little bit....
Then, I used thicker white paint(much more thicker than primer coat) for the leg, hand, face and the pouch.
Next, the mixed blue paint for the head and body.

By the way, the paint dried quite fast as the material(Clay?) absorb water.

And the details, red for the collar, nose and the bitten tail.
Yellow for the bell and for the eyes and whiskers is black......

And this is the current result....
The front
The side
The back

By the way, sorry for my shaky hand =o= and hope that the result is not that bad....
I'm thinking, should I draw the the outline for the pouch? Or just leave it... Based on the whiskers and the mouth I've drawn, not dare to risk. (^o^|||)

Now, the last step will be spraying an invisible coat to protect the poster colour. As you may know: 
Dried paint + water = Paint dissolved!

Feel free to comment~!!  \(^0^)/


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