Monday, June 15, 2015

Penang Anime Matsuri (ペナン●アニメ●祭り) 2015 - The Preparation (Part 2)

Hello Guys~!! I will covering about what's on the outside...

Sorry for the long wait, I will covering what is going on the day before PAM but this time, the outdoor where the concert was performed.

There are two separated viewing zone: The casual(the back) and The VIP(the front)

For The VIP: 128 Ringgit Malaysia
Included indoor and outdoor access for both days
You will be able to get closer to your favourite Anisong artists in the VIP viewing zone

For The casual: 10 Ringgit Malaysia
Included indoor and outdoor access for a day ONLY
But, you can only watch your favourite artists performing a bit further from the VIP.

At first I thought, well, since both packages can have me watch the artists, there is no difference, maybe?
Actually the truth is, both Anisong artists were preforming on the first day and there was a separated front zone for those who paid more to get a better view of their idol.
On the second day, there was only the DJ party for the whole night long. get for what you paid for?? ^o^''

There were stalls lining up on both sides of the stage....Selling foods, drinks, some doujins....

That's all for the Preparation I'll be covering, coming up next~~~~
I'll showing you all tonnes and tonnes of pictures of cosplayers~~!!!
So, be prepare to be blown away~~~ !!

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Thank you for reading~~  

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