Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nothing more special than this game.

Indeed, the special game that gets my attention and it'll be my first game ONLY IF I have PS3. LOL
This game give me a thought that "What Can Be Done Better Than This Game?? NONE."
It's so good that not worth to TRY but worth to BUY straight away......

This game is developed by a French studio, Quantic Dream.
"Say, I think I know this name......." Yep, I bet you do. They do released games such as Omikron: The Nomad Soul(PC) and Fahrnheit(PS2), which I never play or heard before.
As I know, these 3 games are Thriller and Adventure which around the word "KILL".

I'll only talk about Heavy Rain, it's the main character here......
It'll be released in February 2010....It's around the corner already~~Get ready you PS3 fella!!

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