Hello, everyone~!! 皆さんこんにちわ~!! Thank you for coming to my blog. Welcome~!! ようこそ~!!いらっしゃいません~!! Learning Japanese bits by bits. So...forgive me for any mistakes...
This blog is all about Japan: Culture, Language, Music, other related stuffs and most important ANIME
The site is created on 2nd January 2010.
The name "Anime-Lighthouse" is given, simply because lighthouse is a tall building that one can see far far ahead without obstacles, until one reaches the end where the sky and sea meets, forming an unlimited of horizontal line in between.
So as my blog, it works as a lighthouse that helps people to get any latest news or info from Japan to you in an unlimited amounts. Some of the posts, they are more detail that the original site as I collect info from different resources. So, enjoy and have fun~!!