Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Finally, at least 2 person know this secret: Risa Hawkeye and Roy Mustang.
Let's see what can/will Roy Mustang do next step....
That's right, "Nothing impossible is impossible"

Major General Armstrong is called to Central and Briggs will be taken over by the Central.
What will happen to Scar and the rest? Can Alphonse make in time?

Next, about the truth/beginning of the story of Slave No. 23 and "Father".
It's a big shock to me who watch the first season that have been away the main storyline far...
Who's Salve No.23?
A slave that worked in a store and met a flask of black element which called itself "HOMUNCULUS". An experiment that used the slave's blood.
The homunculus gave the slave a name: Teofrastus Bombastus. (What the hell?LOL)
First name rejected, too long.

Second attempt, "Van Hohemheim". Yep, Slave No.23 is the Van Hohenheim.
And the Homunculus shared with Hohenheim knowledge and he became a fine alchemist.

The story behind the disaster of Xerxes.
King of Xerxes asked for immortality and Homunculus gave the steps and ritual to become one:
Form a transmutation circle on the whole Xerxes, kill everyone in Xerxes for blood and perform the ritual. Actually, it is the same way of producing philosopher's stone.
The turning point of Century happens.......
Everyone in Xerxes-Dead.
It happened that Hohenheim and Homunculus was standing on exactly at the center of the transmutation circle. (For Immortality, one must stand in the center of the transmutation circle during ritual starts)

Truth is, Homunculus tricked King of Xerxes and gave Homunculus itself to be immortal by using its own blood(which is Hohenheim's) to open the gate and used the info in Hohenheim's blood to create a body that happens to look like Hohenheim, who is the "Father".
Thanks to Hohenheim for giving "Father" blood to survive, he gave Hohenheim a name, knowledge and an ETERNAL BODY.
Bad news is, Hohenheim and "Father"'s body is the philosopher's stone. Meaning, a lot of souls in their body.....

Willard, Mechthild, Linemile, Tony, Meiyou.....
Sound familiar? Yes, these are names that he summon and extract blood(philosopher's stone) in a episode earlier. I think it must the soul of his friends that he can summon for help.

In a coincidence, Curtis couple(Izumi and her husband) meet Hohenheim in a train and found out the taboo - human transmutation and the lost of organ.
Izumi Curtis is cured by Hohenheim by rearrange the flow of blood in her body. How? Very easy, Hohemheim just stab his hand into her stomach. Don't try this at home you will pay for it like Hohenheim get punch by her husband. Not believe? See Below......

That's all for Fullmetal Alchemist 40.

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