Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Are you ready for another year of A~F~A~??!!!

 Huh?! What does this pic have to do with AFA??

That's right everyone~! AFA11(Anime Festival Asia 2011) is back this year~!!
It will be as exciting and fun as previous years.

Some of you may have guessed about the picture above:
Yes, this years' AFA will be held on 11.11.11 (11th of November 2011) till 13.11.11 (13th of November 2011).

The picture on top is taken from a box of milk ^_^ Such a coincidence the expired date is on the same day as AFA11. So I bought it, drank it and took the picture of it... -_-''

For more info check out the AFA site.

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