Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The setup of AFAX~!!

No matter what event, needs a setup. AFAX is not excluded...
So! Let's see how was everything before started...
But, let's take a look the stage event which happened at the same day.

Now, let's get into the preparation of the whole event:
Let's take a look at 痛車 (Itasha) literally: Pain Car, to those who don't know about itasha, it's basically a car full of owner's favourite anime/ character(s) graphic. It's becoming a culture in world of anime especially in Japan where they have itasha exhibition in a large open area and everyone parks their cars there.
Proccess of making 痛車(Itasha)
And it's all done~!!
If you don't know who is this cute girl, she is the mascot of Danny Choo's site. Her name is 末永みらい(Suenaga Mirai). Isn't she just cute~!!! ^o^
Exhibition and Merchandise Booths
RG(Real Grade) is the new grade that a lot of Gundam fans have been focused on. Real Grade, to me, is mini ver. of PG(Perfect Grade).
For now, only 2 models are available in RG, RX-78-2 Gundam and MS-06S Zaku II, the size is 1/144. And how "real" is it? For example, the yellow "fins" on the chest of RX-78-2 Gundam, each piece is individual. Meaning, you will slide in 3 "fins" on the left and same to the right.
And don't forget about the latest Gundam series: Gundam UC: Unicorn, as well as Gundam00 Movie.
Beside, also a Bandai store, with kids stuff like: Crayon Shin-chan. Man, so nostalgic to me. Does anyone of you still watch the latest of this anime? It's still on-going, damn long~!!
Next booth, which is my favourite, GSC(Good Smile Company) Store.
Sooo many Vocaloid nendoroids~!! Kyaa~!!! BRS(Black Rock Shooter) too~!!!
This year, a new booth is available, Project Diva: Arcade~!!! A couple machines are up for fans to experience for their first time in Project Diva arcade ver.
Some of you might know Nitro+ (Nitroplus), a Japanese visual novel computer software company. A while ago Nitro+ has been working on a new game, and here it is, ソニコミ(SoniComi: Sonico Communication). Soniko will be the main character who is a Nitroplus character and surprisingly Mirai does have her part in this game~!! Congratz! Danny Choo!
Latest game SoniComi with Soniko and Nitroplus' other works.
See?! I'm not lying~!!
Any one of you are card gamer? They have a booth specially for card game fans.
Unexpected that there is Taiwan region store....
Merchandise booth...
Even weapons...(Can these get into Malaysia?Nah, impossible)
What else......Oh yeah~!!
Atelier Royale Butler Café 
This a new booth in AFA, for the first time.
Since there are butlers, there will be maids~!!
MMK: Don't be late!
Second from right is Sakana(Fish) Sashimi, Malaysian Cosplayer.
Each of them have their own anime character.
Talks, show, events, everything need to be rehearse.
Rehearse in "rolling"
Rehearse in talking
Rehearse in "standing"?
Alright, these girls are seiyuus from the anime 探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ(Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), the Milky Holmes.
Bzzz, to buzz or be buzzed (Huh?)
All the sponsorships(I believe),
I only know a few,
Animax - An anime channel
JAL - Japan Airlines
culture: Japan - A show hosted by Danny Choo, broadcast in Animax too.

Alright, for more info or details, you can refer to earlier post. AFAX(Anime Fetival Asia 2010)
More to come: 1st day of AFAX~!!

Resourse: DannyChoo

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