Friday, April 2, 2010

New アニメ (anime) watchlist~!

I feel like sharing what I'm started to watch and anticipating to watch.
1. First of all, let's have a nice start:
I'll mention it last time, K-On!! is 2nd season while K-On! is 1st season. Don't forget it. This anime gonna on air next Tuesday, 6th April 2010. Don't missed it.

K-On!! is a music comedy with slice of life anime.
The story is about the formation of 軽音部 (Light music club) band in K-On!
While K-On!! will talk about......about......
I've no idea...:P but what's for sure, it's gonna be another interesting and fun new season...

2. Next up, is a whole new anime, I believe it calls Working!!. There are 13 episodes.
It's a comedy anime. It's going to be on aired on this Sunday, 4th April 2010. Check it out.
The story start with a restaurant called Wagnaria. Due to lack of workers, 種島ぽぷら (Taneshima Popura) is ordered by manager to recruit a new worker. She then met a 16-year-old student, 小鳥遊宗太 (Takanashi Souta). Souta thought she is a middle school or elementary school kid of her height. But she is actually 17 years old and actually his 先輩 (senpai) means senior. He then accept her offer because of her cuteness.
Later, he found out that the restaurant is full of unique people. A small and cute 17-year-old senpai, a waitress that brings a katana everywhere and a girl who is androphobic that almost kill Souta. Haha... Oh ya, and the manager who is very rude to customers.
Want to see more about what's going to happened in Wagnaria the family restaurant, stay tuned on 4th April 2010, this Sunday.

3. This anime I just started to watch. It's 君に届け(Kimi ni Todoke) means Reaching You.
It's a teenager manga and recently turn into anime. This anime is romantic comedy. There are 25 episodes. It's just finish aired.
The story is about a girl named 黒沼爽子 (Kuronuma Sawako), 15 years old, is having problem in school. She is feared and misunderstood by her classmates of her appearance. There are rumors that she can see ghost and curse people. They even named her Sadako after the character in the film The Ring.
However, she is a sweet and timid girl who hope to make friends like everyone else. Until...
Until her idol, popular boy, Kazehaya begins to talk to her, everything change. She has found herself in a new world, started making friends, talking to different people. Slowly, the sweet love is blossoming between them and things are becoming more complicated....
If you like to read chinese teen love novel, I guess you may love this. The drawing are similiar to teen novel as well. The story is lovely and funny and awww......

4. Take this opportunity to introduce the anime I just finish anime, バカとテストと召喚獣 (Baka and Test and Summoned Creatures), in short Bakatesu. There are 13 episodes. It's a romantic comedy and fantasy anime.
The story is all about test and summoned battle, a bit of love story as well. The story talks about a boy 明久吉井 (Akihisa Yoshii) who known as idiot/baka, attends Fumizuki Academy. At the start of the school, students are sorted by their entrance exam test grades.
Therefore, Class A is where all the best students are. At the same time, best facilities as well (Electronic table with study materials, personal laptop, lounge, luxurious sofas, air conditioners, spacious classroom, etc). On the other hand, the last class, Class F is nothing know...

All students can summon their own fighting creatures. These creatures are used for battles between classes to trade their classroom. Their creatures HP and ATK points are based on their exam score. The battle only works under any teacher's permission. The subject will be selected based on which subject the teacher taught.

The story begins with a smart student named 瑞希姫路 (Mizuki Himeji) fail to complet her entrance exam, as a result, score zero and get into Class F. Akihisa Yoshii worried about her health and therefore suggest for a battle with other classes.

If you like funny and comedy anime, this is quite a good one. Here's the good new, at the end of last episode, there will be a new season is mentioned. I like it very much....

5. Last, let's end it with something big.
A new anime created by Danny and his crew, ちんか (Chinka)
It's about firefighter and comedy. According to Danny, it's on par with K-on!
The date is not yet announced...

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