Friday, December 10, 2010

鏡音リン・レン APPEND is ready to be released~!!!

After the announcement of 鏡音リン・レン APPEND, it's now officially confirm and to be released on 27 December 2010. Ready for their new look~?!!

All this time, they have been teasing all the fans with their new voices. Now all their voices are known, let's have a look:
得意ジャンル : ロック系全般、ポップス、ダンス、演歌 
得意な曲のテンポ : 65~170BPM/得意な音域:F3~B4
A shoujo's voice burning with passion. Strong voice that feels from her strong will.
Satisfied Genre: Generally Rock, Pops, Dance, Musical  
Satisfied Tempo: 65-170BPM 
Satisfied Range: F3-B4

得意ジャンル : ソフトロック、バラード、ポップス、フォーク
得意な曲のテンポ : 60~160BPM/得意な音域 : F3~B4

A shoujo's voice that feels warm. With tones that bring a slight heat.
Statisfied Genre: Soft Rock, Ballade, Pops, Folk Song
Satisfied Tempo: 60-160BPM
Satisfied Range: F3-B4

得意ジャンル : ボサノバ、フレンチポップ、アンビエント、エレクトロニカ
得意な曲のテンポ : 55~155BPM/得意な音域 : G3~C5

Sweet Whisper Voice. (♀)Gentle long breath that gently brush into your eardrum.
Satisfied Genre: Bossa Nova, French Pops, Ambient, Electronica 
Satisfied Tempo: 55-155BPM 
Satisfied Range: G3-D5

得意ジャンル : ロック系全般、ポップス、ダンス、演歌
得意な曲のテンポ : 65~170BPM/得意な音域 : A2~D4

A shounen voice in high pitch the feels tense. Existence of mid-low tone.
Satisfied Genre: Generally Rock, Pops, Dance, Musical 
Satisfied Tempo: 65-170BPM 
Satisfied Range: A2-D4

得意ジャンル : ソフトロック、ポップス、フォーク、バラード
得意な曲のテンポ : 60~160BPM/得意な音域 : B2~C4

An attractive shounen's voice that feels soft. Feels melancholy and pleasently cool.
Satisfied Genre: Soft Rock, Pops, Folk Songs, Ballade 
Satisfied Tempo: 60-160BPM 
Satisfied Range: B2-C4

得意ジャンル : ポストロック、サイケ、アンビエント~ダブ、エレクトロニカ
得意な曲のテンポ : 55~155BPM/得意な音域 : A2~C4

A lonely yet serious Whisper Voice.(♂)Voice that overflows with mere feeling.
Satisfied Genre: Post Rock, Psychedelic, Ambient Dub, Electronica  
Satisfied Tempo: 55-155BPM 
Satisfied Range: A2-C4

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This box cost ¥16,800(Tax included)
Check out their official site.

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