Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's just declaration of wars...

Scar and his group are now in a deserted house in Asbec (I supposed)...
Winry is waiting for Al to regain conscious while the others are trying to find out the hidden message in the book.
This usually happen because Alchemists often hide their research using trope and hidden meanings to prevent ordinary people from deciphering it. (Same like the "recipe book" written by Dr.Marcoh)
Unfortunately, nothing come up.

At this moment, Alphonse comes back to life. But, in pieces. When they are trying to put back everything together. May suddenly pops up some possibility about the book.
She detaches the book in to separate papers, when everyone is in shock, she has an idea of grouping all the papers in terms like "gold" and "immortality".
Then, link every point with certain knowledge and form THE NATIONAL TRANSMUTATION CIRCLE. Means.......nothing.

"There is still something wouldn't be strange if there was more hidden in these document." - Elric Alphonse

When everyone is in desperate, Yoki sudden make a blow out of cold and blow off all the paper.
When everyone is rearranging and confusing of the side of papers, Al come out and idea of flipping all the drawn papers around. BINGO!!......
It does work, it is a new Amestrian Nationwide Transmutation Circle that is activated when Eastern Alchemy is made a part of it.

On the other hand, after the fight with Ed, Kimbley is now following the track and traces of Scar's group escaping route in mine shaft. Kimbley found a secret stair that lead to the path that Sloth digs and all of sudden, Pride, the first homunculus, appears. Pride orders Kimbley to carve a bloody crest to the Briggs fortress.

The news of missing Ed and 2 of Kimbley's men is gone through Falman after Major Miles goes back to fortress.
Falman gives a call to Heymans Breda who is in Western Headquarters, seems that every headquarters are causing a lot of bloodshed in order to create transmutation circle. Especially Master Sergeant Fuery who is in Southern Headquarter, they are having an all-out war.

The bad news is as the phone call is going on, the tunnel dug by Sloth is done.

Back to Lior, after riot, everyone is working hard to repair and rebuild all over the place. As usual, the kind lady Rose shown up with food serving to everyone.

"Excuse me......Can I have some as well??"

Who can imagine, the one that crawling on the floor with the speech above is Van Hohenheim. LOL
The reason Van is in Lior is to check out the underground of the church which is the headquarters of Leto religion. Well, nothing much left, of course.

But, not underground...... Rose and the shop owner lead him there.
The underground leads back to the same tunnel that Kimbley and Pride met; the one dug by Sloth.
Van Hohenheim walks in further and all of sudden, Pride appears and chasing after Van.
Van walking backward, misses his step and he falls back to the hole where he came from.
Pride takes that chance and kill him but......

Pride stops at the rim of the hole... Why???
Because Pride's weakness is that he can only move along the tunnel and move around the center portion of Central.

If Pride step any further, die. Just like the one in the flask long time ago.
Van tries to provoke Pride and Pride invites him to see "Father" but Van rejects.
Van leaves a message to "Father" that one day he will meet him even uninvited.
During this conversation goes on, we found out something:
Some people said that man is embodied by seven deadly sins and these sins are names for these homunculus.







After he comes out from the tunnel, Rose ask him what he's doing inside. He said,

"Just a little declaration of war"

At Briggs fortress, a large troop of Drakman army is approaching the fortress. An alarm is set off.
Drakman army is notice by Kimbley and helping him to take over Briggs because the Northern Wall of Briggs is in Central. In addition, Kimbley's men is in the fortress and will create a commotion inside out.

"It's time for declaration of war" - Kimbley

Wow!! One follow by another of excitements and shocking impacts. It's going to be a long weeks/months of climax coming up.

Here's comes another shocking news, Zampano, the chimera with Scar, is calling Central leaking the current situation and their spot.
They gonna be in big trouble...

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