Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Elric Brothers are in bad trouble...

Edward is together with Major Miles who is thinking of eliminating team Kimbley.
But Edward objects about this idea as he may get something out of them.

"Don't forget the law of Briggs. If you let tour guard down, you die. Your softness may come back to kill you or one of your friends one day." - Major Miles

That's true, Edward is choosing the tough path.
Back to Scar's group, they are still trying to understand what the book that written by Scar's brother is all about.
At least May figures out some words in the book.
The Eastern Alchemy in Xing:
Immortal=True Being=Perfect Being Gold= Perfect Metal Therefore, True Being=Golden Being / Perfect Being=Golden Being

Got it? All just maths LOL
So, perhaps Scar's brother is heavily influenced by Eastern Alchemy
Some refer it that way is because the one who introduce alchemy to Xing was an immortal man with golden hair and eyes, could it be HIM?
At last, after a long journey they have come out from tunnel.
"Hey! Help me!! Is someone there?!" Winry heard someone yelling and turn around.....

Alphonse took a shortcut and reach before them.
Finally, Alphonse catches up and what's next? Where should they go? Since Scar knows that place so well, he leads them to a village nearby called Asbec which rumors said that his fellow countrymen have taken refuge in the slums there.
On the other hand, Edward has another "Alphonse" to replace which is a soldier wearing armor.

When Kimbley is giving order to other 2 chimeras, Miles and his 2 men are giving a scoop on Kimbley with snipers.
Edward steps up ahead to Kimbley to distract him(not under snipping plan) to search other places besides mine shaft as Scar and his group are escaping from mine shaft.
Other then knowing the distraction, Kimbley knows about snipping as well. Such a huge thirst for blood in the atmosphere, there's no way a Ishval war survivor would not notice.

As a Crimson Alchemist, with his skill, he blown up the snow to create mist so that his 2 men(lion and ape) with fighting skill in low visibility(nose, smell detection) can destroy Ed. But luck is not on his side, he slip and fell 1-floor-lower to the bottom in mine. He then sees dynamites. Then something come to his mind...

Dynamite=Nitroglycerin + Chips of wood + ammonium nitrate
Ammonium nitrate=Nitric Acid + Ammonia

"That's Right!! Ammonia!! Meaning... Stinky Fart!!!"

Mr.Lion and Mr. Ape are K.O., next is Kimbley. Since Ed has his new anti-frostbite limbs which is lighter, he can move faster and so get to fight Kimbley easier. Kimbley gets hit and the philosopher's stone Kimbley is holding drop in to the bo.............ttom of the mine.
At the same time, Ed manage to destroy the transmutation circle in Kimbley right hand.
But what Ed didn't expected is, one philosopher's stone gone, one to go!!! In his mouth there is another one which is formed during Ishval war and that cause him in prison for killing high officers during Ishval.
"BOOM!!!" again

Using philosopher's stone, the floor explode and Ed fell again, this time to the bottom of mine shaft.
What happen next is shocking...
Lion and Ape dude is stuck, but Ed is injured with a piece of metal bar pierce through his abdomen, excessive blood loss. On the other hand, Al's soul is drawn to the Gate of Truth and saw his own body. Then he passed out...
While Ed is still awaken, he uses alchemy and save the 2 chimera. Reason? To help him to pull out the metal bar.
The same..... as philosopher's stone. That's right!! I'm nothing more than a philosopher's stone made out of one soul! Think back, try to remember the feeling......that!!!"
As he finishes his thinking, the metal bar is pulled out completely. Ed then,.....
He sealed it with by using alchemy, since he tried human transmutation before so he knows the main point of it.
Since Ed save the 2 dudes, they can't leave him there and bring him along to look for doctor.
Meanwhile, they found the philosopher's stone dropped by Kimbley.

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