Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) - Mickey Mouse & Michael Jackson

Let's get started, shall we?
Firstly, let's check out what GSC, Good Smile Company (dude!! not Golden Screen Cinema) come out this time:
The 100th nendoroid in nendoroid series.
Uh-huh, Mickey Mouse is their 100th nendoroid produced in the series.
Who can imagine that anime character production will produce Walt Disney's Mickey.

Michael Jackson

"Billie Jean", "Beat It", "We Are The World", "BAD", "Black or White", Smooth Criminal", "Thriller" and so on.....
Yup, this the figma of Michael. Still under construction, take a close look, you can see that the tip of his shoe is movable, so? Moon Walk!!

How's the entrée? Let's continue to Main Course shall we?

Entrée (Done haven't you)

Main Course
- けいおん! (K-On!)
- Black Rock Shooter
- 化物語 (Bakemonogatari)
- 恋姫無双 / 真・恋姫無双 (Koihime Musou / Shin Koihime Musou)
- Vocaloid
- 東方Project (Touhou Project)
- Persona 3
- Strike Witches
- とらどら!(Toradora!)
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- To Heart 2

Dessert (A long way to go, finish Main Course first)

All pictures are brought to you by Danny Choo.
Thank you for the pictures....

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