Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Route of OreImo is out~!! But, T0T *sob**sob*

俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない(Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai) a.k.a. OreImo had finished in 12 episodes in TV and the producer already mentioned that there will be a "different route" in episode 12 and the story keeps going on become a 15-episode-anime in DVD/ Blu-ray.

So before the release of DVD/ Blu-ray version, another version of episode 12 has already been streaming for free in NicoNico Channel(Similar to youtube but only in Japan). It's legal, that's what the producer was planning.

Since the episode in TV is a "Good End", then this must be a "Bad End"...
....or so we have been thinking, but definitely a bad end solely on this episode.

To you who had watched the TV version must know the whole story, so I'll just compare the difference between 2 versions of 12th episode.
This episode is the "True Route".
First, there are opening and ending videos to begin and finish
These pictures, I believe that those are in The Album.
Ending video,

The story begins the same in TV, Kirino's behavior changes with "Good Morning", "Thank you" and so.
Later, Kyousuke is asked to her room for "Final Life Counseling" which is buying her 2 imouto games(eroge) that released at midnight in Akihabara. Finally, he got the games and supposedly, he gets in a train and return safely, but in this episode.....
The final train already left and the station is closed....
But, he is ready to sacrifice for his imouto. He begged for a bicycle from one of the customers.
Even though it's an 痛チャリ(ita-chari). Well, it's embarrassing for people who are not into anime.
And so, he rushed back with everything he has...
In the meanwhile, Kirino answers a call who she tought is Kyousuke said: "Tell me the size of your head."
After this, everything is the same again until Kirino mentioned of showing Kyousuke something....
When she's looking for it, something drop out of cupboard...
Ok, don't ask me what is this, all I know is this game has something to do with poop... @.@
Once Kyousuke saw it, the question is: Do you eat poop?
And Kyousuke gets a response by...
She bought the game because it's by her favourite artist but....haha...^_^;;
After she found the box, Kyousuke is asked whether he wants to look at that album.
From here on, it's totally like a visual game: "Your choice decides the ending."
In TV version, he decides to look at it and found out Kirino is going to America.
But here, he decides not to see it.
Instead, Kirino takes out a box that she's planning to show him. Inside the box is a stack of primary school reports and some sport badges.
Kirino starts telling Kyousuke her story while he goes through her reports.
The reports show that all the subjects are excellent except PE, but after each year it kept improving from "Worst" to "Best".
And so Kirino starts her story:
The reason why she started track and field is all in this box.
At that time she is bad in running, because of her frustration she started training and she shows the result by showing him all the rewards she got from Sports Tournaments.
For this first time Kirino is telling someone(Kyousuke) about this: Whenever she's down or in trouble, Kirino always had a glance at all this and said "I'm better than this~!!"
And she makes a promise with Kyousuke that from now on, he will protect all her collections.
So, the "Final Life Counseling" is finished. When Kyousuke is stepping out of her room.
Kirino said:
じゃね、兄貴...(See you, Brother)
This is the last sentence Kyousuke is getting from Kirino, because...
 Kirino had already left to America in the morning.
From what he had known from his parents, she is scouted by a famous American coach.
She was invited during last training camp trip and she will train there until high school.
Kirino wants to challenge herself as how far can she goes and all the fees and expenses are from her saving from works and book royalties.
And Kyousuke is happy and proud of her being grown up...
A new year of entrance ceremony is here and Kyousuke continues with his life.
When Kyousuke is walking to school with Manami as usual, a similar figure passed by.
And who is she??!!
おはようございます、先輩...(Good morning, senior)
What?!! What is she doing here~?!!
And that's all for this episode.
What will happen for the last 3 episode with this route?
Honestly, this episode is kinda sad with Kirino gone and shock with appearance of Gokou Ruri a.k.a. Kuroneko.

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