Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter)

On the 7th of February is Wonder Festival (in short, Wonfes) (ワンフェス wanfesu) which is an annual event. It's a grand event that everyone can't miss it, like my blog (LOL, just kidding).
According to Danny Choo, this is the worlds biggest Garage Kit and Figure convention.

This year is held at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo. It's the first time taken place there as Tokyo Big Sight is traditionally the place of Wonfes, but.....

Yes, as you can see. Both are ascending escalators but the one on right is descending in malfunction way. Like a lift stop working and dropping, scary huh?

Let's talk about happy event....
This event is all about anime and game characters, popular mecha/sci-fi characters and creatures and more, more, more......

In Wonfes, there are exhibition that exhibit their latest production as well as showing their projects that will be launched in future. All these companies are all from every nook and corner in Japan, for example: Kotobukiya, Alter, Megahouse, Orchid Seed, Revoltech, Good Smile Company and much more.
There will be selling a few bits and pieces too.

In my blog, nothing more than anime. All will be about anime characters I know and those I don't.
So, fasten your seat belt and we are going zoom into the Wonder Festival. So be prepare!!!

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