Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is 桜高校(Sakura High School) from けいおん!!(K-On!!) real?

Everyone who watch けいおん!! (K-On!!) sure know about the school they all study in.
Yep, it's call 桜高校(Sakura High School).
You sure have known how the corridor, staircase, building, even the old statue and the most important, their music room looks like... Especially the stage...
What if, all you saw in the anime is real?
I'm not joking, all are in actual world. In 滋賀県 (Shiga Prefecture), there is a 73-year-old school called 豊郷小学校 (Toyosato Elementary School).

Here are the videos of how the actual school looks like:

3 years ago, there is a tragedy happen here. The government is trying to demolish this school and a lot of people trying to stop the workers from tearing the building.
As the commotion is so huge. The government finally put a stop to the demolition.
And so we have it now!! The school of K-on!!

Currently, it functions as library but no longer school.
But, there is an interesting place. The music room, reserved as the heaven of けいおん!!(K-On!!) fans and anime fans. You can find tables with 5 sets of cake and tea and 5 chairs in the room. Besides, there are tonnes of けいおん!!(K-On!!) items arranged in the room. Interesting huh??

So, I believe everyone who reads this page REALLY wants to go there and take a look, take a (not tonnes, not lorry, not plane but...) rocket of pictures and shines it to other people. Even myself, it's really irresistible. Argh~!!
But for some of us, there is a "Wall of $$$" that not only plane, even rocket can't go over it to Japan.

Instead of library, to me, it looks more like けいおん!!(K-On!!) museum. In the music room, you can leave your words in a book prove that you've been there.
This kind opportunity, there is no way we can miss it, especially....OTAKU!!

Now, this place is known by otaku as "K-On!! Holy Land"
You don't agree?? Never mind, as long a I agree it's more than enough!!!
LOL!! Just kidding, let's all support K-On!!

All this is brought to you by DannyChoo
For more info, check out the School Homepage (日本語) (Japanese)

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