Thursday, November 18, 2010

大変~!! 桜高校(School of K-On!!) is robbed!!!

It's terrible~!! 豊郷小学校(Toyosato Elementary School) is robbed~!!

Q:What's Toyosato School you ask?
A:Just click this~!!
Read it before you read further...
So? Good!!

Recently, the music room where the girls hang out is broke in by thieves~!! (何~!!)(What~?!!)
Yup, meaning? Things are stolen.... (嘘~!!)(No way!!)
Yes way, things stolen are:
2 Electric Guitar - Gibson(ギ太ー)(Yui), Mustang(ムッタン)(Azusa)
+1 Bass Guitar - Fender(エリザベス)(Mio)
+22 Figures
+and other goods
= ¥290,000 (ouch!!)
All items in there are donated by K-On fans... Sorry fans!!

These are before the incident,

This is after the crime,

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