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鋼の錬金術師 - 44 「バリンバリンの全開」 (Full Throttle)

The reunion of father(Hohenheim) and son(Alphonse, アル) in Lior.
Alphonse is told about his body and such from Pinako.
Lior is the first place the Elric brothers went for philosophers stone. After revealing the fake priest. There's been a riot and many people killed. Now, everything settled down and everyone is working hard to rebuild Lior city.

Hohenheim is now help people in Lior to build up their city.

While everyone is working hard, Winry is taking a deep over Rose's place.
Rose described the scenario when Rose and Elric brother first met and things that happened that time.

Back in Central, Bido, the lizard chimera is following the soldiers ended up in secret place. He then found out that place full of bodies.

At the moment, Major General Armstrong and a soldier is coming in which take place during last episode. To be precise, they are dolls. Central is planning of inserting souls into dolls to create soldiers and they will be the ultimate soldiers that obey every command. In other words,
Immortal army

Q:So, where to find the souls to attach to them?
A:From the people of the countries the army have crushed, and have yet to crush. The battlefield will be the hunting ground for souls.

With scares, Bido turning back and run as fast as he could but all of sudden, Lin Yao aka Greed appears in front of him. What will happen?!

Back to Lior, Alphonse is telling his father, Hohenheim, about checking the underground tunnel in this city.
In case of eavesdrop, Hohenheim bring it to private place to continue. Alphose tells his father about the prevention to activation of Nationwide Transmutation Circle. As well as "Father" in underneath Central

"Is that a good idea?"
"What if I was on their side?" - Van Hohenheim

That's true, what if everything he said make it to enemy's ears.....(pause).....

Hohenheim knocks on Al's armor and very glad.
"I'm really happy that you trust me.Thanks"
He never thought his son would trusting a failure as a real father.

And it's time to trust his son and tell them everything.

Up in the North, Darius, the ape chimera is withdrawing money on behalf Edward with Alchemy watch and signature at government bank. With suspicious, they notice the army.
The money is used for medical fees for himself and the 2 soldiers.

In a short while, the army come to their hideout.

They get into the doctor's clinic to look for suspicious person who withdraw money. The soldier pointed a gun at him.
At the same time, someone is passing by and stops by the soldier guarding the door outside.
This person is questioned about specific person.

While everyone is intense and ready to start a gun fight.....

This soldier said,
"His characteristics are: Red coat, blonde hair in a braid and VERY SMALL (Chibi)"
Why is he so dumb to say the taboo. This person snap of his stick in the mouth.

And the soldiers inside heard a loud bang. They found the soldier outside is fainted. The soldier with Darius is fainted by this person's automail hand.

The black shoes...

....automail hand.... Edward Elric!!

After that, they are leaving the clinic and again, get spotted by other soldiers. They take Edward as "hostage" and run away.

Running away with car but get tailed by the soldier's car. This place is full of snow, they can't drive well compare to the soldiers. Edward have an idea and he clap his hand....

The soldiers lost their trace. Why? Edward transmute their own car into his signature design: TOO flashy design.

They successfully outrun them and now, Ed is thinking to meet his brother, Al, but where is he?

"Are you listening?" - Van Hohenheim
Alphonse is thinking deeply and get shock by his father. Alphonse understand that his father used to be a slave and now is a philosopher's stone. His father figures out that it's unbelievable. But, Al understand the feeling as he is the same as his father, immortal.
"How does it feel to be immotal" - Al
"It's convenient in many ways. But it's sad that I have to see my loved ones go before me" - Hohenheim

Here's the main point,
"Hey dad, you're a philosopher's stone, which means your body isn't exactly normal, right? Then brother and I..." (Are they normal human)
"Don't worry, my soul is fused with philosopher's stone, but the actual core that holds me together is myself, a human being.But the one at Central, he's only wearing a shell that resembles me. So if you break the shell, you should be able to defeat him. "

It remind Al about the transmutation circle he found and show it to him. Al wanted to destroy it but his father stop him as Pride, the homunculus, is too strong. Besides, it may have been finish. But, "The Day" hasn't come yet. He is waiting for "The Day".

In the Central, Bido is attack by Greed. Bido recognize his tone and way of laughing, he tells him about Dublith where Greed and his subordinates. Suddenly, something come through his mind.
He than said, "Oh, Dublith. Ah, it all makes sense now."

"Sorry, you're probably talking about the previous Greed. I don't know you"

He is guarding at this place and eliminate intruders. He killed Bido

All of sudden, his hand is shaking, the image of the previous Greed's subordinates appears in his memory.

Lin Yao who this body belong to started to lecture Greed, "Hey, why do you kill your own subordinate? I thought Greed who is greedy will want anything in your life."

Lin Yao started to head to head mentally fighting Greed. Not taking over the body, but just teach him some lesson.

Finally, everything come back to his mind, including previous Greed memory. He then revenge on behalf his subordinates. He intrude King Bradley's house.

And the fight begins....

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