Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weiß Schwarz in AFAX

Weiß(Weiss) Schwarz is one of ブシロード(Bushiroad Trading) Card Game. Bushiroad is the biggest trading card game maker in Japan.

Other than Weiß Schwarz, there are other trading card games by Bushiroad.
- Chaos Trading Card Game
- Sunday VS Magazine
- Victory Spark
- Alice
- Card Fight Vanguard
- Jewel Pet
I don't know anything about this. Other than Yu-Gi-Oh card game ^.^ but never win a match. -_-

This year's AFA, which is AFAX, there is a tournament of trading card game. I think only Weiß Schwarz.
Friendly match outside~
Milky Holmes
"Stand straight~!!" "Bow~!!"
He seems so nervous with both hands clenching @.@
Chill~ Your foot~!! Your foot~!! 足~!!
"Say cheese~!!" “1+1=?、弐~!!(ni)”
"Let me show you how fast my hand move" "Shuu~ Shuu~"
Oh ya, Danny is learning how to play Weiß Schwarz with the help of related person there. Wish him all the best~!! ^0^

Are you satisfied with such less word post? or do you prefer long essay type? ^_^ I don't know much about this game, so....
That's all for card game, a few more post coming up. Stay update~

Resource: Danny Choo

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