Sunday, December 26, 2010

Atelier Royale Butler Café & MMK: Don't be late! (AFAX)

MMK: Don't be late!
MMK(Moe Moe Kyun), was having school theme this year in AFA, so instead of メイド(maids), they will be 後輩(juniors). We(customers) will be 先輩~!!(Seniors)

 If the servants are girls, of course the the customers are guys~!!!
That 2 guys caught my attention in first view. 
Just see how crowded the people outside are ~
As well as inside.
"Hi! I'm Underscore And you are INSIDE THE AFA-X. Only in Animx." No? But that's what written there~!!
Danny Choo, before his meal.... Looks good~
Q: Ok~!! Let you guys guess, what is she(top & bottom) doing with that pose?
A: They are reading magic chant onto the food to make it more delicious. You think I'm kidding, not at all, I'm serious~
本当に~!! I just recently knew about this from the anime: 俺のいもうとは可愛いわけがない(Ore no Imouto ga Kawaii Wake ga Nai). This usually happen in maids restaurant which can be found in 秋葉原(Akihabara), the heaven of anime~
Am I ok to say this? I guess so, she is Sakana Sashimi from Malaysia. She is a cosplayer, kinda pretty. She appears in Otacool.
Nice blackboard~!! But why is it called "black"board?
Lucky Danny~!!Here is the list of those school girls:
After we've seen maids/ school girls, now let's go to butlers~!!!

Atelier Royale Butler Café
Since this is butlers', definitely ladies' favourite. Handsome and macho butlers.
Well, how realistic~!!  MMK Café will only man queuing outside and this Butler Café, only ladies queuing outside.
Yutaki, good look~
Well, like the number of pictures, I've not much thing to say about this. Haha...
Let's look at their profiles:
Nice looking? Hm.......I can't comment much, depends on you~
That's all for now, sorry for the delay. More to come.
Merry Christmas~!!

Resource: Danny Choo, AFAX

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