Thursday, December 9, 2010

Romeo & Cinderella - Doriko feat. 初音ミク(Hatsune Miku)

Speaking of Hatsune Miku, what song will come to your mind?
-恋は戦争(Koi wa Sensou)
-ワールドイズマイン(World is Mine)
-ブラック★ロックシューター(Black Rock Shooter)

Now, let me introduce you the song that you'll never want to miss.

Romeo & Cinderella - doriko feat. 初音ミク(Hatsune Miku)
Consists of 14 tracks:
1.キャットフード (Cat Food)
2.茜コントラスト (Akane Contrast)
3.エトランゼ (Stanger?)
6.Paradise Cage
7.六月病 (Rokugatsu byou)
8.ローレライ (Lorelei)
9.ロミオトシンデレラ (Romeo & Cinderella)
10.Red Garden -Type M-
11.曲がリ角 (Magarikado) (Street Corner)
12.飴か夢 (Ame ka yume)
13.ストラップ (Strap)
14.ミクの秘密 (Miku no himitsu)(Miku's secret)

1. Like the electric intro and continue with electric guitar. This song makes me feel like continue the whole album. (A nice start)
2. Start with a soothing piano together with drum and electric guitar. (Smoother with a bit wavy ocean feeling)
3. Gives me a feeling of castle, princess, royal feeling. A bit down I guess...
4. A quite night, with stars and a bright moon. Peaceful yet worried.
5. Electronic song. (not my type)
6. Feeling of struggling. LOL~!!
7. Happy, Bright, full of hope.
8. Sad, fall in despair, yet full with energy.
9. About love, sad story.
10. Another painful song. (Why do I feel like so many negative song? LOL)
11. Finally, a song feels living up.
12. Going climax?
13. Going back to peaceful feeling. Like another brand new day with a field of sunflower.
14. No lyrics. ;-)

Can't stand with the reviews? Please spare me, I'm just trying....
Any objection with the reviews? It's just my own view...
Thank you...

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