Sunday, December 19, 2010

At least another 10 years for Bleach~?!

 久保 帯人(Kubo Tite), 漫画家(manga-ka) for ブリーチ(Bleach), his remarks were reported by 2ch-frequenting attendees of the recently held Jump Festa, where he talk about his creation:

“It’s about halfway through the story at the moment.
At the very least, I’ll be doing it for another 10 years.”
WHAT~?!! Are you serious? I mean, is it even possible?
Manga has been published for 10 years and anime is 6 years(roughly)
(everything from here are ONLY my point of view)

Honestly, I'm getting irritated by anime. The storyline makes the whole arrangement of airing hard.
Why? Let's see,
Each segment(arc) is too long(my own way of categorizing):
1. Introduction of Kurosaki Ichigo and become Shinigami then save Rukia (First Arc) 14 months
2. Bount, Vampire that sucks reiatsu. (Second Arc) (Filler1) 12 months
3. Arrancar and Visored. (Third Arc) 9 months
4. Invasion of Hueco Mundo. (Fourth Arc) 6 months
5. New Captain Amagai Shuusuke. (Fifth Arc) (Filler2)6 months
6. Continue of battle in Hueco Mundo. (Sixth Arc) 5 months
7. History of The Past (The time when Shinji and other are going hollowfication). (Seventh Arc)2 months
8. The battle of Karakura Town. (Eighth Arc) 4 months
9. The materialization of Zanpakutou. (Ninth Arc) (Filler3) 8 months
10. Downfall of Arrancar. (Tenth Arc) (until now) 10 months+
Ok, that's overall where(story of) each segment starts and ends.

Some of you may not(mostly do) know what is filler. Fillers are story or episodes that are not in manga but exist anime. Reason? To make sure the story in anime is always slower than manga.
Anime is always faster because the story(manga) published in magazine only makes a few minutes of airtime in anime. An episode of anime covers a few weeks of manga in magazine. So get it?

Let's continue, so what's the problem?
At first, everything is fine. Start with Ichigo becoming Shinigami, then Rukia get arrested. She is saved and story ends. Continue with a new story(Bount). Everything is just so smooth, a story ends and begins with a new story.
The problem starts after the invasion of Hueco Mundo. Can you follow the story where Ichigo are still fighting in Hueco Mundo and suddenly, CUT~!!, CHANGE AVENUE~!!, and Ichigo suddenly appears in Real World/ Soul Society? Not for me...Instead of filler, I feel more like a movie of Bleach. During the tense of fighting in Hueco Mundo, suddenly "pop" out a "assassin" leader in Soul Society. The moment the filler is finished. You've totally cool down from the tense, will you be able as tense as before the "pop"? Definitely not me~!!

Next, during the battle in Karakura Town, they "chopped it" into half and fill with "Zanpakutou become human~!!" instead of tuna and mayonnaise. (Laugh! It's a joke)
This time instead of 6 months, it's 8 months...
Let's see, so they mean during the fight in Karakura Town, their zanpakutou become human and all Shinigami rush back to fix it and return to continue the fight? Oh ya, Ichigo is going through time space to help fixing his sword as well. (It's getting ridiculos to me!)

Other than the main filler, there are some filler episodes not mentioned. And even worse, instead of filler, they recap of what happen in previous episode. But now are better.

At least Naruto's fillers are better, if there are no Sasuke, there never will. Except in movie. They make the story ends at the right place and take in filler.
But why can't Bleach? Because the story is too long, there are no place for the character to rest.
For example, 6th+7th+8th Arc, everyone keep fighting until the last episode(well almost). The whole fight go forever until the bad guy flee or die.
Unlike Naruto, the filler always fills in whenever they finish their mission. So there is no break in the story. It's like taking a break for some different story. But for Bleach, they have to fill the filler at the middle of the fight, usually at climax. So during the "Next Episode", I'll: !@#$%^&*.
Overall, it's like filling a movie into the anime.
That's why I'm following both anime and manga.

In manga, Ichigo lost his power and now can regain back. At least this make me interested in following anime...but another 10 years? Manga, possible. But Anime, think twice...

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