Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There is even a Pre-AFAX~?! (AKB48)

This year's AFA, there was an event before the actual day, which is:

Believe it or not, this was their first ever concert debut in SE Asia! Lucky or what?

This group, AKB48, is quite well known in Japan.

The member of AKB48 are:
岩佐美咲 Misaki Iwasa
多田愛佳 Aika Ota?
片山陽加 Haruka Katayama
仲川遥香 Haruka Nakagawa
前田亜美 Ami Maeda

秋元才加 Sayaka Akimoto
菊地あやか Ayaka Kikuchi
野中美郷 Misato Nonaka
宮澤佐江 Sae Miyazawa

河西智美 Tomomi Kasai
小林香菜 Kana Kobayashi
小森美果 Mika Komori
佐藤亜美菜 Amina Sato
佐藤夏希 Natsuki Sato
鈴木まりや Mariya Suzuki
渡辺麻友 Mayu Watanabe
Aren't they look cute? Ah-hem....
Let's look at their performance:

Just look at all the supporters~!! Boys and girls, males and females~

Well, well, isn't he(Danny Choo) lucky for getting one of their badges? Jealous?

Up next, I gonna post up Day 1 of AFAX...(Wait~!! setup of AFAX comes first~!!)

Info: DannyChoo.com, alafista, AFA

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