Friday, November 19, 2010

英語版ミク (English Version of Miku)

Are you fan of Vocaloid?
Are you fan of 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)?
Are you struggling that she can't sing in English?


Recently, during New York ComicCon (NY Anime Festival 2010), with regards to the future plan for Miku and other Vocaloid, according to co-creator of Vocaloid, Hiroyuki Ito and Wataru Sasaki. There are possible Hatsune Miku can sing in English.

英語版ミク (English ver. Miku)

This is made known during “Hatsune Miku: Meet the Makers of a Digital Idol” panel.
But, there are conditions:
1. You need a facebook account.
2. Click "Like" at this site.
That's all~!!

If (It's already reach though) their site reach 39,390 "Likes". They WILL officially inform that "Hatsune Miku sings in English" later.

But why 39,390?
Here's the reason:
In Japanese, 3 is san/mi and 9 is kyu/ku
And they want to make it sounds like this 39,390 (Miku,Sankyu)
It means Miku Thank you~!!
Meaning Miku appreciate it.

鏡音リン・レン APPEND
Next, they are releasing Rin/Len Append, software with extra six new tones of Rin and Len's voices. Like previously "Miku Append" where Miku added Sweet, Soft, Dark, Light, Vivid and Solid tones to her voice. Rin/Len Append is set for December 2010(Just around the corner).

Other news include the Tokyo Kawai Magazine Hatsune Miku Edition coming out in November and the possibility of a Vocaloid shop opening up in the United States.

Update: Now the Like Page has exceed 41,000 Likes.
Still not "like" yet? Like it now~!! To show our supports!!!

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