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311 Japan Natural Disaster(Earthquake & Tsunami) Anniversary Day One

On March 11 2011, a great natural disaster hit Japan. If you missed out or not known about it, you can still check it out right here.
In Malaysia there are Japanese holding 311 anniversary, to remember this terrible disaster.
It is held in Straits Quay, Penang. Of course, on weekends which are coincidentally 10 & 11 of March.

I went there few days before this event and saw this event board. If you have read the 311 post, you would know that I'm very concern about it and keep myself updated of the aftermath. 
For some reason, Japan is so close to my heart... <3  キュン~
So, I'll definitely attend this event no matter what~!!

On the first day, 10 March, Saturday
Slides about culture of Japan.

The other side are the aftermath of places in Japan. 

Near there, there is a booth where people can write their wishes and words of encouragement to evacuees over in Japan as supports and hopes to everyone.
Words are written on a pink hibiscus and sakura shaped of paper and tied to the strings.

And this is mine, I'm learning bits of Japanese and I try to write in Japanese... ^o^~
Correct me if wrote it wrongly....
And yes, my handwriting is terrible... =o= ~

Most of the events happened at the same place. So let's move the next one which are exhibition.
There are only 2 exhibitions, a tea set and a doll set. I've to say: What?

The doll set is called Hina(雛) Dolls.
On the 3rd of March is Hinamatsuri(雛祭り),which is Girls' Day. The girls will set up Hinaningyo(雛人形)in their house. How it looks like? Check this out~
I hate to say this, it's too bright~!! The reflection on the glass create this problem. =o= ~
Back to this, the base looks like wide staircase with dolls on each level. On the highest level are the highest rank which are the Emperor and Empress.
The ranks follow the levels, lower rank, lower level.
This is the most basic doll set, there are much more levels available. More levels means higher base, more dolls, accessories and of course more expensive.
You can learn more no where but here.
So cuuute~!! 超可愛い~!!
Next is the tea set which is next to the Hina Dolls (雛人形)(Hinaningyou).
This was taken the next day, at night.
You may be asking me why not taking the dolls as well?
Actually, they were keeping the dolls while taking this. =_=

Can anyone recognise any of these characters?

What are they doing? and who are they? I'm not quite sure but they are a club that attracts attention of the crowd. The reason is to collect money by taking photos with them and are donated to Japan to help all tsunami victims.

During lunch, the food booth served Japanese typical food to everyone.
Yup, that's right... 1st time is free. If I'm not mistaken, 3 types of food with one drink or 4 types of food without drinks.
But you need to pay for the second time.
Looks delicious~!!! 美味しそう~!!
But they are just small little dishes for tasting not to fill you stomach full. ^_^'''
Everyone is curious about all the foods and looking forward to try all of them but 3 dishes 1 drink.

It's lunch time~!!

Typical Japanese foods like: Natto(納豆), seaweed, horse meat(!), green tea, red tea(紅茶), houjicha(ほうじ茶)and cultured drink. There are candies too. Too much and I can't remember all....
The people kept coming, some try out for their first time and some queue for the second time, not sure anyone go for the third time(?) Let's see, the queue last for......2-3 hours...o.0~!!

First timer get stamped~!! 0o0~

Lucky me that I found a dollfie fan.
A pretty lady carrying her son...

On Straits Quay's 1st floor, there is a flee market selling used item in lower price. Again, the money collected is for charity.

On the 1st floor, there is a section where they rented kimono(着物) and yukata(浴衣) for fun or taking photos.

And I found another beautiful girl with kimono. I can only say: Gorgeous~!!

And I found her again upstairs and I swear, coincidence~!! 偶然です~!!
She was upstairs having an artist drew her portrait in cartoon form.
She looks elegance when she smile....XP
And this is it~!! Not bad huh?

That's all for now and I'll write day two in a moment.
Hope you enjoy all the photos as well as my post.

And here is Day 2 of 311 anniversary
Thank you.

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