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さっぽろ雪まつり(Sapporo Snow Festival) 2011

さっぽろ雪まつり(Sapporo Snow Festival), a one-week-event that has been held in every February in Sapporo, Hokkaidou. It is one of the Japan's most popular winter events~!!

札幌市(Sapporo city), a city in 北海道県(Hokkaidou Prefecture).
The fifth largest city by population and the largest city on the island of Hokkaidou.
Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaidou.

Sapporo Snow Festival  was started in 1950, that high school students built a few snow statues in (Odori Park).
It has since developed into a large, commercialized event, featuring spectacular snow and ice sculptures and attracting more than two million visitors from Japan and all around the world~

The Snow Festival is staged on three sites:
1. 大通(Odori Site)
This is the main site in Sapporo's centrally located 1.5 kilometer long Odori Park. The festival's famous large snow sculptures, measuring more than 25 meters wide and 15 meters high are exhibited there. They lit up daily until 2200.

Besides that, the site exhibits more than one hundred smaller snow statues and hosts several concerts and events, many of which use the their sculptures' site as their stage.

2. すすきの(Susukino Site)
It is located in and named after Sapporo's largest entertainment district, where exhibits about one hundred ice sculptures. Susukino is located only one subway stop south of Odori Park. The ice sculptures are lit up daily until midnight, except the final day (until 2200).

3. つどーむ(Tsu Dome Site)
Tsu Dome is actually the nickname of  札幌コミュニティドーム(Sapporo Community Dome). Tsu Dome is a multipurpose hall.
It is a family oriented site with three types of snow slides, snow rafting and more snow sculptures. Inside the dome, there are many food stands and a stage for events. Tsu Dome Site is open daily from 0900 to 1700.

This year is the 62nd Sapporo Snow Festival. Opened yesterday, February 7, 2011 and will go through for a week until Sunday, February 13, 2011. Here some photos on the main site yesterday:
The Temple of Heaven, Beijing

A very popular anime, "Sazae-san" aired in Fuji Television
This year's traditional Japanese structure - 飛雲閣(Hiunkaku Pavilion) of 西本願寺(Nishi-Honganji) in 京都(Kyoto)
The Slider of North Donbei-kun
 These are snow sculptures made by the citizens of Sapporo at Citizes' Square. Have some time here to refresh your mind before the next large sculpture. ^.^
Snowboard Straight Jumping Platform
Kingdom of Tourism, Hokkaido
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All credits(Source) go to:
Hatsune Miku Facebook
Crypton Future Media Inc.
Sapporo Snow Festival (Japanese)
Sapporo Snow Festival (English)

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