Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From K-On! to K-On!!~ Now going to K-On!!! ?

To all けいおん!(K-On!) fans~!!
Now, you don't have to be sad for the end of K-On!
Because the K-On will continue to live on~!!
Meaning? More K-On manga~!! More K-On! anime to come~!!!!!
\(^o^)/ Yay~!!

Don't Believe? Here's the proof:
物語は、まだ続く。(The Tale, is Not Yet Finished.)
けいおん!今春より再始動! (K-On! This Spring restart!)
Based on the source, it's said that a new season will be coming...
If that's true, will it gonna be continue from high school to university?
Will it be K-On!!! in anime?

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