Thursday, March 18, 2010

鋼の錬金術師 - 45 「約束の日」 The Promised Day

And here you are, Greed VS Wrath...Greed attacking Wrath for killing his subordinates.

Pride is getting ready to...

But, Greed escape after that.
In Armstrong residence, Olivier is asking his dad to retire and transfer all family properties and go for a long vacation to a foreign country. Then Alex come in....
Their dad propose a battle between Alex and Olivier. Whoever wins will inherit the house. Alex is angry that Olivier ask dad to retire and leave the country is disrespectful. And so, the battle begins... *ting* ting*~ But, based on these pictures... can see he's losing...
Olivier wins, house taken. Her main motive is to make their family to somewhere safe.
Talking about May Chang, she is currently in Youswell of East City. A bunch of villagers found her and treat her so well, food, water, place to sleep...
She is so touch...end up tearing. But... the little Envy successfully manipulate her that make her decide to return to Central where the favour will be on envy side.
Is it the right decision to make for May?
Edward, who's looking for his brother Alphonse, ended up to the house where they stay before. He is 100% sure he's there. But...
He's overconfident, Alphonse is not there. But Heinkel smell someone is approaching. They get ready and turn off the oil lamp. A person just fell down and...
He's Lin Yao not Greed. What a nostalgic scene...
Greed cut all ties to Homunculus, and Lin take the advantage of his restlessness to get back his own body. Before Greed is starting to take over the body, Lin tells Ed about "Father" is going to open the gate on "The Day".
And Lin tells Ed that when the gate open they could get their bodies back if they leap into the gate. But, what the hell is he opening the gate for?
Indeed, a good question.
At the last moment, Lin confirm with Ed about delivering the message to Lan Fan.
Since Greed is going to work alone, he is asked to work with them. But, his name is not for nothing. He reject them, Greed is greedy for everything including having the world. There's no way he will work with other people, unless people work under him.
He leaves....
A short while later, Ed, Darius and Heinkel catch up Greed and decided to work under Greed. That means Darius and Heinkel will work under Greed as well.

In Dublith, the officers keep looking Izumi Curtis in her shop. But she and her husband are not there. Then a call come, it's her husband who is at the outskirts of North City. There's a message for him from Alphonse and Hohenheim. It's about "The Promised Day".
Somewhere in Briggs mountain, a base is under attack.
Who is it? Drachman forces? Nope.
How many of them? One.
One?! Who the hell is it?

"A housewife!" - Izumi Curtis
She is caught and taken to prison and visit by Major Miles and the big dude. There is A MESSAGE for him from Alphonse.
The message is then passed from North City to East City Grumman's residence. It then passed to Rebbecca.
And Rebbecca meet up with Riza Hawkeye in Central. The message is slip into her dog, Hayate's collar.
"Give my regards to Second Lieutenant Havoc" - Rebbecca
Riza then visit Havoc and give him a pack of tobacco.
"If the Colonel visits, please give him my regards." - Riza Hawkeye
Havoc then offer Mustang "the" cigarette.

"In the following Spring,
on the promised day,
both the north and the east will make their move."
- the message

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