Saturday, May 5, 2012

311 Japan Natural Disaster(Earthquake & Tsunami) Anniversary Day Two

Previously, I've written about the first day of 311 anniversary. Now let's continue on the second day.

I was busy on the second day so I can only make it there in the evening... ToT

The moment I reached there I saw some kids playing this, can anyone tell me what is this called?

On the first floor, there is a flee market with different stalls selling their used belongings... Clothes, accessories, stationary, sweets, DVDs and lots more...
This is where people can rent a Japanese traditional clothes like kimono(着物) and yukata(浴衣)
They have clothes for male, female and even kids.
Isn't she cute~?

These are the videos that they sang a few song to entertain the people....
By the way, sorry for the terrible quality... T0T~
Only one camera for all the videos and photos....

After that, dinner time~!!
Have a 6-inch sandwich in Subway....

There is sea behind Straits Quay where foreigners have their yachts parked and stayed in the hotel...
In the middle, there is a stage.
Wait! Angry Bird?!

At night, there was a dance performance by a few teenage girls.
The dancing girls are playing before the performance....
And here is their dance.

And the final event, a Japanese ceremony that help to "wash" away your bad luck...

Just buy one of these paper dolls and rub it on your body.....
They stay well in my pocket ^_^~
Taken this photo accidentally and I like the effect~!!

After rubbing it on your body, you put it into the sea. The doll will bring your bad luck and flow it out to the sea, away from you...

And the 2-day event ended.
Hope you all enjoy reading~!!

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