Monday, January 2, 2012

ハピニュヤー~!!Happy New Year~!!

Happy New Year everyone~!!
Due to certain circumstances, I'm not able be with my PC for most of the time.
Therefore, I'm here to declare that...

 I am gonna keep this blog going~!!
To be honest, I will try my best to  post whenever I'm available.
I'm moving out and I'm on my own, basically.
So, can't afford for the extra internet and electric bill if the PC is coming with me.
It turning 3 years old, for my blog.
Now, let's see the overview of the blog in 2011:
The most shocking thing is the no. of page views, 44,698~!! and still going.
This is the number that will never come to my mind.
At the beginning of last year, it's still 5,000 but now already 5 digits~!!

Next, subscriburps/ supporters have increased from 5 to 13~!! At least it's an increase ^0^" "
All these can't be happened without the support of anime fans and those who like my blog.
Especially my classmates and blog-mates, lots of appreciation from everyone's supports. And my relatives, I believe...
Once again, thanks to everyone who are reading this post and hope to give your support for another year.
Wish you all another best year and stay healthy and happy. All the best~!!
One more time~!!
Happy New Year~!!

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