Sunday, January 9, 2011

Second Year of Anime-Lighthouse~!!!

Sorry for the late post~!! and here's my first post in a New Year~!!! 2011~!!
Hello everyone and Happy New Year~!!
In the year of 2011, I hope there will be more posts to be uploaded.
More news, more pictures, more info.

Oh ya, the blog's total post views, has past 5,ooo~!!
It happened couple days ago and thank you everyone for supporting my blog~!!
Especially all the viewers: 日本人(Japanese), Americans(アメリカ人), Malaysian(マレーシア人), Philipinos(比律賓人), British(イギリス人), Singaporean(シンガポール人), French(フランス人), Canadian(カナダ人), Mexican(メキシコ人), German(ドイツ人), etc...  
Thank you so much for viewing my blog in my first year of blog(2010)~!!!
What's surprising me is that in just one month, December, there are more than 2,000 post views~!!! 
The subscribers increase from 3 to 5 (LOL~!!!)
Thank you everyone and everything~!!
I hope this year will have a better result...
And lastly,

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