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鋼の錬金術師 - 43 「蟻のひと噛み」 (An Ant's Bite)

What can we expect more from the Briggs?!!
Still strong without Major General Armstrong...Indeed...

But still, Kimblee is unintentionally making Briggs stronger. How?
Kimbley deceived Drachma's King together with the army.
Kimblee is not helping but just enjoying the people get killed.

"This... is the bloody crest." - Solf J. Kimblee
His main purpose is to create blood crest by people get kill and blood everywhere.
While in Asbec, Scar and the rest including Alphonse and Winry are staying there.
May is teaching Alphonse about Eastern Alchemy.

Scar, Dr. Marcoh and the Chimera is help out in the village, wondering where Zampano is.

Zampano is meeting Envy who disguised as a Ishvalan.

Back to Central, Fuhrer King Bradley aware that First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye known about his son Selim Bradley, a Homunculus.

"How do you feel as a citizen of a country to know that your leader and his son are both Homunculi?" - Fuhrer King Bradley.
"I believe it's a sad thing for a family member you're supposed to trust to be fabricated..... It's almost like you're playing the house. All the while pretending to be human, creatures you deem as fools." - First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye.
"As you say, he's my "son" given to me by my handlers... My rank of Fuhrer President, along with my men and everything else, was also given to me... Rather than "house", I'd say it's more accurate to say we're playing "politics". " - Fuhrer King Bradley.

"However, I picked my bride myself."

Does this sentence means anything that will change the story and fate of Homunculus in future??

At the North, somewhere near Asbec, Dr. Marcoh and a chimera is working. At that moment, Zampano brings the Ishvalan to them. Dr. Marcoh is shocked.

As Envy babbling and step out his first step.......

Alchemy happens and attacks Envy.

Zampano turns his back and runs towards Dr. Marcoh's side. Actually, they are luring Envy to them and try to finish him off.

As Envy gets angry, he let his guard off. Every steps he takes, alchemy happens. Even he punches on the floor, he gets attack.
Dr. Marcoh mentions that it works like landmines

Envy don't believe such alchemy exist. Since they are landmines, Envy thinking of following the footsteps on the snow. Smart indeed, but still...

Alchemy still happens, why is that so? Because everything is control by May who using Eastern Alchemy.

"It's just remote alchemy." - May Chang

Envy gets pissed off and turns back into the actual form.

Envy swings his tail against them, the 2 army turn into chimera, together with Scar, they attack him. As Envy fell down to the floor, they let their guard down and Dr. Marcoh is catch by Envy.
The main reason Envy get to Asbec is to catch Dr. Marcoh.

Dr. Marcoh asks to release his men that works for him last time to create philosopher's stone.
Unfortunately, all his men have also been use to make philosopher's stone.
Envy remember Dr. Marcoh that there's no reason to weep as he make so much stone in the past.
"You are right. I've made many philosopher's stones, sacrificing the lives of many people. I'm more familiar with the ways of making a philosopher's stone than anyone else in this country."

"Knowing HOW TO MAKE one......also means I know HOW TO DESTROY them!!"

Yeah, some of us might not thought of this.......He can make one, definitely know to destroy them as well.
As he said, he remove his glove and there is a transmutation circle in his hand. He destroy the philosopher's stone in Envy.

Envy ended up decomposing and revealed his true form, a tiny

They return the village safely and the idiot Yoki playing with the little Envy and Yoki's body get taken over by Envy and threaten them.
LOL!! Nobody cares!!

The 2 chimeras said: Nah, you can do whatever you want with him. He's not really our friend, anyway.
May Chang: It's been a short while, Sir Yoki...(sob)
Alphonse: I'll never forget you! (waving handkerchief)

I like the Scar the most,
When Yoki goes to him for help,

Scar:.....(pause)......... (turn his head away)

Dr. Marcoh: At this point, we don't exactly care about our actions. If you're going to get in our way, we'll destroy you along with that man!

Actually, everyone is acting to let Envy give up....
Later, Alphonse get known about his brother from Envy.

Instead of detesting this country for denying Ishval, Scar is going to work to change it. Dr. Marcoh is going to help him.
Alphonse is going to visit Lior to check out the tunnel based on his prediction.
Scar walk to May with the bottle and Envy, encouraging her to revive her clan with immortal.

Now, the group split to 3:
May> Back to Xing
Scar and Tim Marcoh> Somewhere
Alphonse and the rest> Lior

Back to Central, Bido, one of Greed subordinates, misses Greed and suddenly bump into a military car and heard of King Bradley. Reminds him of Greed get killed by King Bradley.
He then decided to follow the car by hiding underneath.

On the other hand, the 2 Armstrong, Alex Louis Armstrong and Olivier Mira Armstrong, met in Central.

They are known about the victory of Briggs against Drachma. Alex is worried about the completion of the transmutation circle but not Olivier. She can't withstand anyone who against peace and wants to win with perfection. His younger brother worried about her future(marriage) as she is so fierce. At the end? Get kick in the "s"....

After that, there's a man looking for Olivier and wants to show her something.
There are 3 laws state alchemist are forbidden to disobey:
1.Do not oppose the military
2.Do not make gold
3.Do not create humans.
1.This is self-explanatory
2.This is put in place to avoid economic turmoil.

What about the 3rd one?
If you assume it's because of moral and ethical implications, then you are WRONG!!

That man said: What is and is not ethical changes with time and also depends on whom you ask.
"It's to prevent an individual from creating a powerful army of their own."

As they talk, Alphonse and others have reached Lior and they go to meet Rose first who's at the food stall. When they chatting, Hohenheim appears and put both side a shock.

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