Saturday, February 4, 2012

初音ミク(Hatsune Miku) is in S.O.S.~!! 0o0

Currently, massive of vocaloid videos in Youtube are being removed due to several suspicious parties that has never heard before making false reports that the videos are infringing a copyright.
Such as “Media Interactive Inc” (who were apparently implicated in the deletion of Lady Gaga’s YouTube account) and variations on the name of “Junichi Sasa” (笹純一, 笹金純一, 笹川純一, 笹村純一, etc.).

For now, Japanese Miku fans have already organised a counter-effort in hopes of uncovering the culprit behind all this, including an English language missive:
" Someone who doesn’t like Hatsune Miku getting popular in the world is deleting her high ranked videos with English titles on it by making fake reports that the videos are infringing a copyright.
We don’t know who is doing this.
The series of these acts may be caused by organized group(s).
It is under investigation by Miku fan volunteers.
If your video is deleted by a fake report, please submit a counter-notification here:
To all Vocaloid fans, Let’s get her back. Don’t give up."
There are two points that I need to mention for this incident:
  1. All these can be easily deleted based on some mere false report.
    Youtube allowed unverified third parties to issue takdown notice on ANY content they host, which usually results in a swift deletion of the video which can only be reversed by a counter-notification.
  2. Vocaloid songs belong to the song creator, not even Yamaha or Crypton~!!
    All the songs and videos that we saw in Youtube belongs to the song/ video creator. What really belong to Yamaha and Crypton, I believe, is the characters and the software. In other words, it's not making any sense for someone or some organisation to make any reports about copyright. (except the minority of songs professionally published by these company themselves)
 But, as the video mention, with high no. of views and ranking, all could be return in few weeks time.

Everyone is working hard in recovering all the videos by holding "Save Miku" campaign. You can see a lot of videos are being made to earn more supports from people.

Let's make our best and keep our fingers crossed to hope that everything will fine~!!

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